Success Story of

Employability Mentoring

The following story tells about Dilian Krassimirov Stoilov - a mentee, and his mentor Mrs. Irena Kuneva. Dilian is 22 years old, from Dobrich, Bulgaria. He is currently a second year student at Burgas Free University. Dilian says he is interested in photography, cars and technology, and this is not in conflict with the fact that he studies Accounting. Every business needs accountability and control, he says, but one should not give up his dreams.

Dilian Stoilov and his mentor Mrs. Irena Kuneva

Questions for Mentee Dilian Stoilov

We asked a Dilian few questions and this is what he said:

 Why were you so interested in mentoring?

This course interested me because I had not participated in activities related to European programmes so far. In my country the level of youth unemployment is high, the competition is fierce and supplementary training has proved to be beneficial for every jobseeker.

 Did you attend pair or group mentoring ?

My training was in a group but each time I had something unclear I was paid personal attention.

 How often did you meet?

It depends on what is meant by meeting. My meetings with the mentor were two or three a month, some were live, others were conducted by ICT channels.

 What did you do during your monthly mentoring sessions?

We discussed the topics of the course, helped each other, our mentor shared her personal experience and this enabled us to gradually get a sense of reality.

 Is there anything you should have done that you did not do during mentoring process?

Perhaps to conduct trial job interviews. They would have prepared us for the day when we will apply for a particular position.

 Please, tell us about your job today?

Thanks to the e-mentoring course I succeeded in finding a job for the summer. I'm currently studying yet, but after the session I am starting as a photographer in a retro photo in The Golden Sands resort. I think I was able to combine hobby and work together. Photography is a very interesting and entertaining art and I was lucky to find such a pleasant job.

Would you become a mentor in the future?

One day when I graduate and gain enough life experience I would love to share my expertise and knowledge with other people and help them in their job search.

Dilian Stoilov receives a Certificate for his participation in the e-mentoring Employment course

Questions for Mentor Mrs. Irena Kuneva

We put several questions to Mrs. Irena Kuneva, Dilian’s mentor, and here are her answers:

 How did you decide to start as a mentor for your students at Burgas Free University?

I knew that a team of the Burgas Free University was working on a project for e-mentoring in the frames of a European programme. I have always been interested in the realization of my students and I have always been intrigued by the rapid invasion of economic life by the ICT. So when my colleagues invited me, I accepted with joy.

 What did you get for yourself as a mentor?

Well... I gained confidence that I can not only teach my students, but help them orientate in the labor market. They are smart young people, but they are still unaware of what they can. They need a friendly hand to hold them for their first steps in life. When they find a job, albeit seasonal, I feel happy that I have helped, even a little bit.

 Were there any challenges in the mentoring process?

I wouldn’t say challenges. Rather, I was surprised by the ease with which the mentees coped with the exercises and tests, especially in the section for entrepreneurship.

 Do you still follow the professional development of your mentees?

I do. And I will at least until they graduate. I will be happy if we keep contact after that too.

 Is there something else you would like to mention?

I think there is a big difference between being a mentor to people looking for employment and to people who want to start their own business. It would be better for the two courses to be separated and as mentors to be hired persons with different qualification, skills and background.

e-Mentoring Employment course manager Mr. Yanislav Zhelev, course mentor Mrs. Irena Kuneva and mentees from

her group after receiving of the course Certificates