General course instructions (instructions for managers how to organize their self-directed learning in this course)

This course consists of different type training material, combined in four learning sessions:

  • Readings: this session provides the theoretical background for mentoring on employment-related issues from a Manager’s point of view. The reading materials are divided into eight modules. By reading these modules, you will get acquainted with the main features of mentoring on employment-related issues and will be prepared to organize effectively in the mentoring process as a Manager.

  • Learning by doing: this is a questions/answers session. Its self-directed learning methodology is based on closed questions and, by answering the questions you are actively involved in an analysis suggested by the situation in question from your point of view. After having answered the question, the system will provide you with an estimation of your answer (if it was correct or not) with a clear reasoning of the correct answer. Thus, these learning materials are provided in an attractive and interactive way.

  • Videos: this is a video-film session common for all 3M actors: for Managers, for Mentors and for Mentees. A collection of video spots is used to visualise the training course.

  • Success Stories: this session introduces success stories achieved in mentoring on employment-related issues and is common for all three courses: for Managers, for Mentors and for Mentees. These success stories can encourage you to participate in mentoring and learn about the benefits of being a Mentee.

Jump-starting your self-directed learning

We suggest that you start with the session of Readings and then continue with the sessions Learning by doing, Videos and Success stories. However, you can select the order of your learning sessions as you wish, because all four units are developed as independent parts.

Session plan for self-directed learning course for Manager

* One academic hour = 45 minutes.