VIII.II. Toolbox with the exercises on Entrepreneurship

In the Toolbox on Entrepreneurship part there are 8 exercises (in English) which are placed in the training course for the Mentors. These exercises are not programmed and could be used by the mentor during the face-to-face sessions in order to facilitate discussions during the blended Mentoring process. Each exercise included to the Toolbox has two parts:

  • Instructions for Mentors on how to use exercise
  • Hand-out for Mentees

TOOLBOX for Mentors


Instructions for


   Handout for 


I. “Understanding of entrepreneurship”
   1. Exercise “What’s your Big Idea? ”
   2. Exercise “Personal & Business SWOT Analysis Grid”
   3. Exercise “Motivation to develop entrepreneurship”
II. “Entry strategies and new business opportunities”
   4. Exercise “What kind of entrepreneur would I be?”

   5. Exercise “Generating ideas”

   6. Exercise “Qualities of entrepreneur”
III. “Skills and competencies for starting a business ”
   7. Exercise “Financing”

   8. Exercise “Desirable and acquirable entrepreneurship attitudes and behaviours”