VII.II. Toolbox with the exercises on Employability

In the Toolbox on Employability part there are 20 exercises (in English) which are placed in the training course for the Mentors. These exercises are not programmed and could be used by the mentor during the face-to-face sessions in order to facilitate discussions during the blended Mentoring process. Each exercise included to the Toolbox has two parts:

  • Instructions for Mentors on how to use exercise
  • Hand-out for Mentees

TOOLBOX for Mentors

    Theme   Instructions for 


     Handout for    


I. “Self evaluation for my willingness/ motivation to work”
   1. Exercise “Test of job values”
   2. Exercise “My personal skills and competencies related to employability”
   3. Exercise “Are you risky?”
   4. Exercise “Audit your skills”
II. “Job suitable for me”
   5. Exercise “The job suitable for me based to my characteristic behavior”
   6. Exercise “The job I want”
   7. Exercise “Who am I”
III. “Active job seeking skills”
   8. Exercise “Between yesterday and today: my personal, educational and working life”   
   9. Exercise “Most common job search mistakes”
IV. “Successful job interview”
   10. Exercise “Employer's wishes on characteristics for a good employee to have”
   11. Exercise “I present myself through this postcard”
   12. Exercise “Unusual Job Interview Questions”
   13. Exercise “Positive motivation for an interview”
   14. Exercise “Possible interview questions”
V. “Successful adaptation in a new work place”
   15. Exercise “Are you communicative?”
   16. Exercise “Collecting feedback from the real life”
VI. “Career and professional development”
   17. Exercise “Do you strive for success in your career?”
   18. Exercise “Skills Dictionary”
   19. Exercise “What are my skills?” – Documentation of work and learning experiences
   20. Exercise “Overcoming obstacles in career development”