Mentoring Success story

Success Story of Entrepreneurial Mentoring

In 2005 - 2007 there was an entrepreneurial mentoring program ongoing at Laurea University of Applied Sciences. The program was partly financed by European Social Fund and Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (Finland). During the program 20 mentees the most of which were students at Laurea attended mentoring program. The common thing for the mentees was that they all were eager to establish an own enterprise during or right after the university studies. Part of the mentees attended pair mentoring and part of them attended group mentoring. All the mentors were entrepreneurs who wanted to bring their knowledge to mentees and help them to build networks.

The following story tells about a mentee Joonas Turkama  and his mentor Sinikka Mäntysalo-Lamppu.

During a Business Idea Course at Laurea University of Applied Sciences Joonas Turkama invented an idea of an own consulting company which would help enterprises in establishing to Finnish food market.  In order to have establishment experience and evidence  Joonas also had an idea to import rye snacks. When Joonas heard about the possibility to attend an entrepreneurial mentoring he immediately signed up for the program.

Questions for Mentee Joonas Turkama and for Mentor Sinikka Mäntysalo-Lamppu