VI module. How to use Open Educational Resources on employment related issues? (1)

OERs are “digitised materials offered freely and openly for educators, students and self-learners to use and reuse for teaching, learning and research”. OERs include many different types of digital assets, they consist of various exercises, videos introducing best practices, current results of research, quick tips for finding employment and starting new businesses, etc. and are used for self-directed learning. The exercises of the OERs consist of a combination of open-ended and closed questions. Open-ended questions allow for self reflection while the closed questions allow immediate evaluation.

The set of OERs was developed during the project “E-Mentoring: New skills and competencies for new jobs” (2011-2013), No. 511579-LLP-2010-LT-KA3-KA3MP to facilitate the Mentor’s work with the mentees.

Open Educational Resources (OERs) on employment related issues consist of two parts:

  • Open educational resources for Employability
  • Open educational resources for Entrepreneurship

Open Educational Resources (OERs) on employment related issues are created in order to help you as a mentee or a learner to improve your skills and competences on employment. By doing these exercises you will check your knowledges or you will gain some new knowledges which will be usefull in your career, for e.z. in the job search, adapting to the new organization or in creating your own bussiness.

OERs consist of self-directed learning exercises, interactive tests, quizzes, case studies, videos, etc. You can do these exercises online using your computer:

We kindly suggest you to visit these Open Educational Resources as they are developed in learner friendly manner and are attractive to use. Bellow you will find more explanations on how to use these OERS.

Open Educational Resources for Employability

These learning exercises will help the mentee to enhance his/her skills/competencies on how to be successful in finding jobs, addapting to the new organization, taking care of your career.

There are 6 separate themes in the employability part:

   Self-evaluation for my willingness/motivation to work


To evaluate your willingness/motivation to work.


After successful completion of the suggested exercises you will be able to:

  • Evaluate your motivation to work.
  • Analyse your reasons and needs to get employed.
  • Understand what internal and/or external obstacles you might face while searching for a job.