III module. What does it mean to be a Mentee?

To be a Mentee means: that you have a strong desire to develop personally and professionally by setting targets/goals for yourself and developing action plans to work towards these goals. This is done in cooperation with other mentees in the group and the mentor.  As a mentee you must

  • Trust the other mentees in the group
  • Follow the mentoring contract
  • Communicate openly
  • Take responsibility for your own decisions and actions
  • Understand that the mentor is not a teacher, consultant or manager
  • Be able to correctly and clearly formulate questions
  • Be open and honest with your mentor
  • Realise your own personality and needs
  • Respect confidentiality and the privacy of the mentor
  • apply reached solutions and decisions in a practise

A Mentee benefits from the mentoring process – he/she will gain insight into

learning new attitudes and values; learns from other mentees; creates new networks through their own group; widens networks through the mentor; learns from the mentor seen as a role model. Reach goals and targets.