I module. Introduction.

Dear Mentee,

  • Welcome to the training course on mentoring on employment related issues under the project “E-Mentoring: New skills and competencies for new jobs” (2011-2013) No. 511579-LLP-2010-LT-KA3-KA3MP, www.e-mentoring.eu
  • This project addresses common needs of students in High Education and in Vocational Education and Training (VET) institutions and adults to get employment-related skills/competences for re-/entering fast-changing labour market (by getting employed or by starting own business). During the project the mentoring on employment related issues as the blended learning method is being implemented for above mentioned target groups.
  • The project is implemented by 9 partners in 7 countries:
    • Social Innovation Fund (LT);
    • Vytautas Magnus University (LT);
    • Merseyside Expanding Horizons Ltd. (UK);
    • ANNANET: Pertti Vihonen Oy (FI);
    • Volkshochschule Göttingen (DE);
    • Speha Fresia Societa Cooperativa (IT);
    • European Partnership (LT);
    • Bourgas Free University (BG);
    • VentureQuest Ltd. LLC (USA).
    • If you are interested in the project and you are the citizen of these countries, you could contact directly our project partner in your country and join the project. If you are the citizen of the country which is not involved into the project but you are interested in the project you could use the database of OERs (Open Education Resources) which is adapted for self-learning.

How to learn

Our learning methodology contains two main learning pathways – in the training course the learning materials are introduced in such a way: firstly you read some short information about the theme and then you can go to the practical exercises where the information is provided in question-answer style.

Learning outcomes

After completing this training course you should be able to understand:

  • what mentoring is and how the process is structured
  • the benefits of e-mentoring
  • the role of a mentor and the relationship between mentee and mentor
  • how to participate in e-mentoring
  • how to establish goals/targets for yourself
  • how to use the mentoring tools and the learning resources